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Will designed the set for 3 consecutive pantomimes for the mind-boggling Charles Court Opera.


The Kings Head

December 2016

Mirror Mirror

The Kings Head

December 2015

Billy the Kid

Rosemary Branch Theatre

December 2014

By John Savournin
Directed by John Savournin

Costume Design by Mia Wallden
Lighting Design by Nicholas Holdridge

Set designed by Will

Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Billy the Kid
Snow White
Snow White
Snow White

On Billy the Kid:

Petite but perfect panto. Oh yes it is……Lovely: no wonder they sell out.
Libby Purves. December 2014

William Fricker’s exquisite set design is a constant delight, mirroring the attention to detail in Savournin’s inventive but traditionalist script and lively staging. Verdict: As smart a Wild West panto as you are likely to get, bursting with great songs and conscientious design.
Paul Vale. The Stage. December 2014

William Fricker’s set is a colourfully stylised treat that makes great use of the Rosemary Branch’s small stage space…………But this is a refreshingly different spin on the traditional panto that remains true to its spirit: a lovingly choreographed, creampie-filled show that ticks all the boxes for an entertaining evening.
Tom Wicker. Time Out. December 2014

It also looks fantastic (thanks to William Fricker and Mia Walden), this company's signature professionalism running through every aspect of the madcap show…..You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll fling some pie - and if you can get a ticket, do!
Gary Naylor. December 2014

Billy the Kid is as slick a pantomime as you’ll find, despite being squeezed into a pretty confined space; set designer William Fricker has done a great job of bringing the small stage to life, and the cast of just six bring as much energy and verve as you could hope to get from a company of 20.
Laura Peatman. December 2014

…William Fricker’s set design, unusually beautiful…There are some great set pieces- watch out for the coyotes!…Highly recommended!. Rating 5/5 stars December 2014


On Mirror Mirror:


William Fricker's set is colourful, adaptable and cute - a miracle of invention given the King's Head theatre's tiny stage..I can't recommend this highly enough. (5 stars)
Alun Hood. Whats On Stage. December 2015

…and coupled with an inventive production design from William Fricker, Mirror Mirror might well be the boutique panto hit of the season. (5 stars)
Paul Vale. The Stage. December 2015

William Fricker has taken every centimetre of the small King’s Head stage and used it to design a really effective and versatile set.
Terry Eastham. December 2015

Much credit should also go to William Fricker and Mia Wallden, for set and costume design. Fricker’s set is one of those lovely creations that keeps on surprising, with doors and windows suddenly opening in unexpected places, and fantastic Tom and Jerry-style booby traps.
Clare Annamalai. December 2015

William Fricker’s set is incredibly versatile, with compact secrets and mechanics that completely distract from the King’s Head’s humble attributes. It also looks vibrant and larger than life: exactly what you want from a panto… Is this still a contender for best London panto of them all? A glass-shattering “yes”!
James Waygood. December 2015

..squeezed like Alice into the bijou dwarf house [William Fricker's delightful design].. As usual, a brilliant blend of the familiar and the fantastic, “shimmering and glimmering” at the King's Head well into the New Year.
Michael Gray. December 2015

On Pinocchio:


Charles Court Opera's latest panto is as charmingly eccentric as ever.
Josh McLoughlin. Time Out. December 2016

weird and wildly creative ’…for the last ten years, the team have created an undoubtedly weird and whacky pantomime. Pinocchio is fairly typical of Charles Court's style, featuring an ambitious design, adaptations of popular songs and an imaginatively skewed script. (4 stars)
Paul Vale. The Stage. December 2016

The King’s Head Theatre is a small space with a small stage, and there is something wonderful about a creative team that happily incorporates a fish puppet that fills the entire stage. (4 stars)
Clare Annamalai. December 2016

For a space like the King’s Head, Will Fricker constructed a lavish set, with every bell and whistle under the sun and utilised to full effect. The Russian dog fish Donald (easy Trump gags aplenty) was a wonder of a construction too, floating across the stage for a nice and nautical interlude.
Charlotte Vickers. December 2016

William Fricker’s set managed to fit a heck of a lot in a relatively small space. With unexpected little doors and hinged elements and when put together with Nicholas Holdridge’s clever lighting design, the set was everything from a run down tavern to the bottom of the sea, where it was inhabited by a friendly fish so well put together it looked like it had swum there from the opening of The Lion King...(5 stars)
Terry Eastham. December 2016


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