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The Chickenshed Theatre

October 2016

By Diane Samuels
Directed by Lou Stein

Lighting Design by Andrew Caddies

Designed by Will

With this resonating and beautifully judged staging of Diane Samuels’ affecting 1992 Verity Bargate Award-winning drama, Lou Stein has perceptively solemnised his residency as artistic director at north London’s Chickenshed.
The traverse set is an astute choice of platform (literally, during scenes set in a rail station) for the tale of Eva’s tumultuous separation from her parents. With the audience facing each other across the raised stage, a suitable sense of dislocation and self-examination is conveyed....The technical aspects superbly complement the continuing atmosphere of disquietude. 

Stuart Gidden. The Stage. September 2016 

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