The Chickenshed

Dec 2019

By Lou Stein
Directed by Lou Stein

Designed by Will

Music by Dave Carey

Choreography by Belinda McGuirk
Lighting Design by Andrew Caddies

If that all sounds like pantomime has taken one hell of an LSD trip, that’s how it feels – but gloriously so


Stuart Gidden. The Stage Dec 2019

All this is played out on William Fricker’s magnificent set.


Susan Elkin Dec 2019


William Fricker's elegantly economical but highly effective set design picks-up on the mirror element in the storyline, and is dominated by outline shapes of rectangles and ovals, a pair of staircases and a zebra patterned floor that introduces a sense of movement as well as an air of mystery.


But the set is also carefully designed to show off some inventive costumes, not least of which are some glittering creations decorated with what look like shards from a broken mirror.


Peter Brown Dec 2019